The reason we changed our name

Our business began in 2003 as Barnes Piano, but today, we are The Well-Loved Piano Company. Becoming Well-Loved Piano was a big step for our small company, but why did we do it? We changed our name to fully reflect the work we do for you. Our technicians have some of the highest technical training available in the industry, and we are dedicating our careers to providing exceptional piano care everywhere we go. Our passion has always been helping you take the best care of the piano you love.
— Timothy Barnes, Owner and RPT —


Barnes Piano was founded by Timothy Barnes in 2003. Now a Registered Piano Technician (RPT), Timothy has spent almost 15 years becoming a highly skilled craftsman and investing substantial time and energy into his passion of mentoring, growing, and developing the next generation of piano technicians.

— 2013 —

Every journey has unexpected turns. Ours happened in 2013 when we met Anthony Pascone, RPT and Darin Beery, RPT. Anthony and Darin are amazing individuals who were already providing equally exceptional service in Durham, NC under the name Pascali Piano. For the following 3-4 years Barnes Piano & Pascali Piano grew closer together. We even shared a joint office with some amazing staff who helped build and shape the future of our company.

— 2016 —

2016 was a pivotal year for our team. With the bonds of both companies so close, we decided to formally join together and build Well-Loved Piano into a company that would inspire a new generation of piano craftsmanship and artistry. Anthony fulfilled his lifelong ambition to retire from daily service while leaving his clients in good hands, and we invited two exceptionally talented, passionate, and gifted technicians — Les Koltvelt & Kim Gratten, RPT — to build on our vision in Atlanta and Charlotte.



Today, the future of our company looks very different than that of our humble beginnings. This is our vision. This is our passion. And that is why we chose to change our name from Barnes Piano to The Well-Loved Piano Company. Our name is now our symbol of what it means to provide exceptional piano care to you and the piano you love!