Convert an existing business

Well-Loved Piano exists to help piano technicians build an amazing career doing work that matters for people who care. If you are looking to focus your career and grow (or you are looking to retire and sell your book of business), Well-Loved Piano’s unique business model can help you achieve these goals.

We are a team of likeminded technicians who aspire to be the best in our local markets. We have a unique approach to piano service and best of all, we have a proven business model that enables you to thrive, achieve your goals, and train other technicians to do the same.
— Timothy Barnes - Founder of Well-Loved Piano

Converting your business is easy

1. Tell us you are interested

  1. It is easy to do and doesn’t require a resume or any commitment. Just tell us about your business and why you are interested.

    2. We buy your existing book of business

    Well-Loved Piano will value your business and give you an offer.

    3. You join our team

    You immediately benefit from Well-Loved Piano’s unique business model as we work together to grow your old book of business and create an exit plan if you are looking to retire.