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Choose a project completion date *
Choose a project completion date
The date doesn't matter, but completing your project by this date does. All projects should be completed within the next 12 weeks.
We will build on this idea in a minute. Just write something down that gets you really excited ... and if you are honest, a little bit scared at the same time.
Now Let's develop this idea!
What triggered the thought, what inspired you to act, things like that....
Our natural response to being outside our comfort zone is fear. Don't quit now! That is just your brain doing it's job. If your heart is racing you are totally on the right track. If you are not, perhaps your project isn't big enough:)
Don't forget to include things like "Do you already know the songs or are you challenging yourself to learn something new? What are the pieces you want to perform? How much do you know about the composers? etc...."
The only requirement is, your final project must be performed on a 'real acoustic' piano. Not a digital keyboard. If you don't own a piano don't worry. We will help you locate one. Just say "I need help finding a piano"
If you don't know their name yet, just put down their job title: "A piano teacher, An event manager at a facility large enough to host my project, a baby sitter to watch the baby during my house party, etc...
These 3 steps should be - 1. Something you can start doing tomorrow - 2. Something that needs to be done by the half-way point - 3. Something that solidifies the project is going to happen.
This should be something so small you can easily act on it within the next 24 hrs!
This is something that needs to be done by the half-way point. This is probably the piece that makes your project a challenge and will require the most work.
WOW! We can already feel this project coming to life! This step is something that solidifies your project is going to happen. Like "Sending out the invitations"
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*Limited to local pianists who reside in select counties in NC, SC, & GA