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Resume & Experience

  • Mentorship and training (2008-2009)

  • Field Service Technician & Rebuilder (2009-2016)

  • Antique Piano Shop, Knoxville TN (2017-2018)

  • Well-Loved Piano, San Diego (2019-Present)

Nick started studying piano technology in more than a decade ago while he was still in high-school. He mentored under a well known Technician in San Diego, CA before relocating to Knoxville, TN to join the team at the famous Antique Piano Shop. He has since returned to San Diego to join the Well-Loved Piano team … and if we are honest because ‘home is near the ocean’. Nick has done almost everything you can imagine related to pianos from tuning + service to rebuilding and restoration. Nick is ‘the guy’ in San Diego who knows everything you could ever need to know about your piano.

What piano service or repair do you find really fun to do?

What’s the coolest thing you're

working on right now?

"I am currently bettering my skills at the cello during free time. I used to take lessons many years ago and I’ve been wanting to learn some new pieces!


What was a job you had before being a piano technician that you enjoyed?

"Pianos have been my entire life"
Ever since graduating high school I have always worked on pianos. It is a job that brings me a lot of joy and will continue for the rest of my life.


What piano service or repair do you find really fun to do?

"Stringing a new piano"
I love stringing. Stringing is a therapeutic and detailed task..

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What do you want people to remember about you?

"I want people to remember how I made them feel, to leave a positive impact both on their piano and in their life."


What is your first memory of the piano?

"Piano lessons at age 6"
I think I was about 6 years old when I was forced into lessons on an absurdly out of tune spinet. I hated it and eventually quit. About 5 years later, I discovered the beauty of classical music and begged my mom to put me in lessons again. A few years later, I learned how to tune my own piano.

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If you could own any piano, which one would it be?

"Imperial Bosendorfer"
I have always wanted an imperial Bosendoorfer in my living room. Even if the 9.5ft of it's tail won't fit.


What is the best advice you have received?

"You are going to make mistakes. Don't be ashamed that you make them, be happy that you will learn from them.



What do you do in your free time?

"I love writing music and spending time at the gym. For my music I use notation software to write small melodies, it's kinda like doodling but with music!”


What do you typically listen to while driving in your car or doing shop repairs?

"It depends on the time of day, or my mood. In the morning I love to relax to classical music such as Debussy, Chopin, or Beethoven. If it's later in the day I enjoy listening to rock or dance music.