Creating a #MyPianoProject is easy. First, let’s help you spark your imagination & then develop your idea.

I need ideas for:


Spark your Imagination

It’s easy to develop your
idea into a successful #MyPianoProject

General Ideas to spark your imagination

Take Big Ideas & make them small enough to achieve:

Be creative this is your opportunity to shine!

  • Host a small house concert for ____ number of people.

  • Host a house concert for local folks then invite all your out of town family/friends to join you via Facebook live.

  • Play music for a friends dinner party

  • Commit to learning a difficult piece and playing it in front of people you know in ____ weeks

  • Invite 8 friends over and tell them what you have been learning from piano lessons, then give them a mini house concert. (Great for a 5 year old & adults who say they are scared to play in front of people)

  • Teach someone to play a song you have only recently learned

  • Learn a duet with your child. Then perform it for a small group of friends.

  • Play a duet with someone who is 5x better than you.

  • Assemble a trio and learn to play 1 song together

  • Find a public piano and keep playing until you get 100 people to smile

  • Find a public piano and pull together a 2+ hr musical program.

  • Go to a nursing home / retirement community and play hymns & music from 50 & 60 years ago

  • Give 10 weeks of free music lessons to kids less fortunate than you

  • Put a piano on a cart and wheel it around a hospital giving private concerts to the patients

  • Ask your school if you can wheel the choir room piano out to the cafeteria to play a concert during lunch

  • Play 3 hrs of background music at a restaurant

  • Commit to leading/accompanying worship at your church

  • Host a large concert at your church

  • Mix music & story time at your local library (some library’s actually have pianos:)

  • Flip the tables: Invite the entire symphony orchestra over to your house for a house concert (see how many attend)

  • Teach under privileged kids music lessons for 10 weeks then put on a concert with them.

  • Challenge yourself to learn a new piece that is way out of your league. Roll up your sleeves and master it!

  • Find another musician and learn a new take on and old piece of music together

  • Write, Produce, Record a new song

  • Invite everyone you don’t know on your street over for a house concert

  • Find a public piano and do a sing-a-long as you grab bystanders

  • …be creative, this is your opportunity to shine

Join 2 things together that don’t usually mix

These are great for kids (and adults) who need some extra motivation. Find some music they like + something non-musical they love. Blend them together and see what happens.

  • Piano + Favorite Movie: Learn the music to Harry Potter and then host a house party

  • Piano + Basketball: Offer to play a mini concert during the half-time show for your school basketball team

  • Piano + Baseball: Play the national anthem accompaniment to the singer at a local baseball game

  • Pianos + Parks: Find a cornucopia or amphitheater in a park then organize a concert

  • Pianos + People: Use the piano to connect different groups of people who otherwise would live separate lives

  • Piano + Language: Find 5 people who don’t speak your language and invite them over for a music party.

  • Pianos + Food: You can never go wrong with food

  • Pianos + Fine Dining: Locate a piano at a country club or restaurant and introduce folks to new composers

  • Pianos + Public Spaces: Bring a piano into a public space and do something amazing

  • Pianos + Coffee: Do we need to say more?

  • Pianos + Live Art: Invite an artist to paint a landscape while you perform your concert

Say “I could never do ____________” and then do it!

the best inspiration comes when you achieve something you didn’t think you could ever attain.

  • We are only limited by the fears we choose to accept. People are starving for real human connection in this post social media world. Music is the great equalizer that can easily break through the digital walls our phones have constructed.

  • Consider taking a piano piece you know well and then use it to tackle something big (I want to play this piece in front of 500 people).

  • Maybe playing in front of people is ‘your fear’…this is a good one to conquer (especially for younger kids & adults who have unfortunately had poor recital experiences in the past). Failures should be stepping stones, not bookends.

  • Maybe learning a challenging piece within a certain time frame is something you don’t think you could ever do. Go for it!

  • What is the worst that could happen? The truth is, nothing. The big secret to building a better life is being willing to take the small risks when most people prefer to play it safe and stay inside their bubble. The truth is the most dangerous thing you could do is live your whole life never living inside your comfort zone so let’s help you do something fun. Take small risks. Discover something amazing!

The goal is simple:
challenge yourself to share your musical art with others