One hidden factor of Piano student dropouts


Could your Piano play a part in how long your student sticks with lessons?

The statistics out there point to a very large dropout rate of piano students, some as high as 80-93% within 3 years. The common denominator among many of these dropouts is a lack of interest in practicing. It was interesting and fun in the beginning, but that sense of enjoyment slowly went away for each student. Why is that?

There are a lot of reasons behind students losing interest, but one factor that hides under the service like rotting roots of a tree, is the performance capability of the piano those students are learning on. How a piano feels and responds as they move their fingers across the keys has a big part in how much they enjoy practice. Some pianos will make the student work twice as hard to achieve musical expression, and that can take a little bit of the fun out of playing. 

Now how are we at Well-Loved Piano trying to solve this problem? Our technicians are masters of touch and tone. At each appointment, like our Andante service, we are spending time beyond just a fine tuning to make sure your piano performs at the level your student needs. That is why we customize care to you. Our technicians want to make sure we give each pianist the best chance at falling in love with playing the piano. 

Give Your Student the Best Shot at Learning Piano!