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Piano Repair

Pianos are made to be played, and naturally when they are, things will break. When this happens there is no need to worry! We include quick repairs, like sticking keys, in our tuning service appointments. For larger repair needs, our technician will start with a repair evaluation to diagnose the exact problem and recommended fix.  Most repairs can be completed on-site, while others will require a visit to the shop at Well-Loved Piano.

Our promise is to be fully open about the needs of your piano and discuss the best repair options to ensure years of service.


Piano Rebuilding

Your piano is an heirloom, and a gift you hope to share with future generations. The decision to completely rebuild your piano, or move on to another instrument, is not always easy. Our goal is to be the foundation that helps you make an educated decision that is best for you and the piano you love.

If after our initial consultation you decide to rebuild, we will work with you to restore your piano to it's original glory and full potential