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Get to know Tim

  • Owner of Well-Loved Piano

  • Registered Piano Technician

  • Graduate of the C. F. Theodore Steinway Technical Academy

  • Technician for our Institute Teams. Hear our work HERE

  • Author and Teacher with the Piano Technicians Guild

Since 2003, Tim has been helping people take the best care of their piano possible – along with his team that now includes exceptional technicians in 3 other cities across the Southeast US. Based in Charlotte, NC, Timothy is married to his anchor and balance in life – Rachel – and father to four adorable kiddos.

What piano service or repair do you find really fun to do?

What is your first memory of the piano?

"I must have been 5 or 6, but I remember driving my matchbox cars across the keys of my Great Grandmother's piano that sat in our living room. My mom put a
quick end to the fun once I was discovered, but the black keys made for a perfect "Auto Mechanic Car Life" for my toy cars. Once I was a little older I remember watching Elizabeth, my oldest sister, take lessons and that sparked my interest and eventually led to lessons"


What was a job you had before being a piano technician that you enjoyed?

"Mowing lawns. Piano Technology has been my only career but in high school I was the neighborhood grass kid and even to this day I love walking behind a mower. In a lot of ways I enjoy piano tuning for the same reason I enjoy cutting grass. One just happened to be
a visual exercise and the
other aural."

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What do you want people to remember about you?

"That I served Jesus Christ and that I was a servant of people's needs."


What is the best advice you have received?

"Live debt free and live below your means. Next to that it would be my Dad's advice to learn a trade and become the best I could be at it. This is certainly what I have tried to
do through Well-Loved Piano
and it has been incredibly rewarding."

Tim and his wife, Rachel, and kiddos! Titus, Noah, Charity, and Judah

Tim and his wife, Rachel, and kiddos! Titus, Noah, Charity, and Judah


What’s the coolest thing you're

working on right now?

"Personally I have 4 young
kids at home and we just purchased a fixer-upper house that requires a ton of projects. Professionally, I am a mentor to piano technicians around the globe and it is thrilling to be able to speak into their lives and see them thrive in their craft."

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If you could own any piano, which one would it be?

"I have always answered this with "I would own 3": Steinway D, Fazioli 278, and Bosendorfer Imperial."


What do you typically listen to while driving in your car or doing shop repairs?

"NPR, WDAV, podcasts of some of my favorite speakers. I have more interests than I can reasonably do in my lifetime, but I really enjoy learning about different topics. Musically, I am a sucker for anything Bach, anything Beetoveen wrote later in his life, and the majority of the Romantic Composers like Rachmaninoff, Franz List, Chopin, and Debussy."


What piano service or repair do you find really fun to do?

"Una Corda Voicing. This is often one the the last things you do to a piano, but it unlocks a ton of hidden color and tones that you just can't get any other way."


What do you do in your free time?

"Projects - I fix things, anything. If it breaks I fix it and usually try to improve it along the way. When I am not fixing things I am dreaming about fixing things and looking for projects."


If you could live anywhere else, where would it be?

"Anywhere with a private airstrip in my backyard. One of my bucket list items is to get my pilots license. In my dreams America would be my backyard if only I could fly. In reality, I LOVE North Carolina and I fall in love all over again every Spring and Fall."


What is your favorite family tradition?

"Thanksgiving at my Grandparents in Daytona Beach. Since they have aged and passed on, we are enjoying making
new traditions with our kids. Christmas in Davidson and McAdenville Lights have been some of our favorites in the Charlotte area."

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