Pianos that reside at universities often have a hybrid of needs. Some are used by piano majors for daily practice and some are only used for concerts and recitals. No matter how often they’re used, the pianists who play on these instruments have advanced repertoires that demand a higher level of performance from the piano. Improving the overall performance of your inventory is the best way you can serve your musicians and advance their musical development. You want every moment they spend playing to be free of distraction from a piano’s inability to perform. Our Virtuoso Service for Universities is flexible to your needs and recommended if you want to maximize your student’s ability to challenge themselves with demanding repertoire and deeper musical expression.


our philosophy

At Well-Loved Piano, our way of servicing instruments is unique and probably unlike anything else you have experienced before. Most pianos come to us out-of-tune, which is an important aspect of your piano’s performance. However, each piano under our care goes on a journey that takes it beyond being in-tune, to being a responsive and tonally optimized instrument. This is the signature piano care we have become known for. Our way of servicing your piano will improve its performance and value, while minizing your long-term cost of maintenance. Our entire team is passionate about caring for pianos personally and are committed to providing the best for the piano you love.

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During your first appointment, our technician will focus on you and your piano in a brief, yet thorough, performance evaluation. This evaluation will take into account how often you use your piano and help us work together to focus on the things that will bring you the most value. We may even find fun facts about its history that you didn’t know!

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During the performance evaluation, our promise is to be open and honest about the needs of your piano. The level of wear and tear from use varies for each piano, but it’s not uncommon for pianos that have not received regular care to require additional work. Our technicians will take the time necessary to discuss the balance of services that are best for your piano, your pianist, and your budget.

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Fine Tuning

The foundation of your piano’s care begins with the fine tuning. Tuning is the most basic service that makes the quickest improvement; however, our commitment to going above and beyond means we don’t settle for quick improvements. Our technicians are known within the musical community for being masters of touch and tone.

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Signature Care

After the tuning is stabilized, signature piano care begins. This is where we will take your piano from being in-tune, to being a responsive and tonally optimized instrument. The difference is night and day! Our goal is to unlock the full dynamic range available to your pianist and enable them to connect with your piano on a deeper level. Signature piano care is our way of promising the best for the piano you love, and the most fun for the pianist who sits down to play.




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