Tell us about your Project!

You did it! The hardest part of every journey is starting. The second is choosing to finish!

When did you complete your project? *
When did you complete your project?
*Limited to local pianists who reside in select counties in NC, SC, GA, & CA.
We recommend uploading it to youtube as an 'unlisted video' and copying/pasting the link.
Tell us about your project!
What triggered the thought, what inspired you to act, things like that....
If the music was part of your challenge be sure to talk about why you chose the pieces you did. Be sure to include title, arrangement, and any other relevant information about your piece.
Who was in the room? How many people attended? Did you know them personally or were they members of the public?
Tells us about that one person in the audience who you were acutely aware of. Why did this matter to you?
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