$1,000 Scholarship for pianists of all ages awarded once every 12 weeks!

Inspire Your Students to do more!


What would happen if your most underachieving student walked into their next lesson and said “In 10 weeks I have decided I want to invite 8 of my friends over for a house concert. I am going to play these 3 pieces and tell them about how I have been taking piano lessons. Can you help me get better at ___________?”

- or -

What if your best student said: I noticed a piano at a restaurant this week and told the manager I had the chance to qualify for a $1,000 scholarship if I played 3 hrs of music for 100 people. He said I could use the piano!!! Can you help me get my music list together?


Imagine the possibilities


MyPianoProject + You

MyPianoProject is designed to be something a 5 year old, a student, or an adult can easily execute within the next 12 weeks. Inspire your most gifted students and motivate your underachieving ones. Scholarships are awarded every 12 weeks and there is no limit to how many times a student can qualify to win! Our goal is simple. We want to see local pianists challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zone & share their musical art with others.

We created short 12 week award cycles so students can build up to larger and larger projects with each #MyPianoProject they do. Participants will be judged on their creativity, execution, and the extent to which they pushed themselves to new levels. MyPianoProject shortens the reward cycle and aligns the performance criteria with something the student can easily accomplish within the next 12 weeks. But most important of all, it requires the student to take ownership and set the standard by saying “By this date I am going to do _____________ to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone and share my musical art with others”.

Finalists can use the $1,000 cash scholarship to advance music in their life in any way they see fit

MyPianoProject is not for everyone. But it is for teachers & students who are looking for new ways to push themselves to the next level. It can also be used as a tool for motivating underachieving students. This is a great opportunity for you to say to all your students “Wow, you have really been working hard on __________, If you turn this into a MyPianoProject you could qualify for the next $1,000 scholarship.

Students who choose to challenge themselves through MyPianoProject will transform their practice habits and internally motivate themselves to achieve more than they would have otherwise. Our goal is simple: encourage pianists to be creative, step outside their comfort zone, and find new ways to challenge themselves and share their musical art with others.