Pet Odor Removal

Pianos, to us, are the wonderful musical instrument made for creating beautiful melodies. To your cat? Your piano can be a wonderful place to sleep, play, and even use the bathroom! Even worse are those little rodents that decide to make a home inside your piano. While there are preventative measures to take, what can be done upon finding unwelcome guests making your piano their bathroom?

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Step One:
Remove solid objects through
a Deep Cleaning

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Step Two:
Apply the Cat & Mouse
Urine Defeater 

This Urine Defeated will actually eliminate each odor-causing molecule by inhibiting bacterial enzymes. It can be used on wood, cloth, felt, and upholstery, so any part of your piano effected can be taken care of.  It also works on carpet and litter boxes, so you can get an extra bottle to have around the house.  Plus, it is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and pet friendly.