Piano Products

Find out what we have in The Well-Loved Piano toolbox! 


Piano Life Saver System

The biggest enemy of the piano comes when the temperature or humidity changes in its room.  Unlike many pieces of furniture in your home or place of business, your piano is made up of thousands of small pieces of felt, wood, steel, leather and cast iron.  As the seasons progress and your home environment changes, all these materials are sensitive to fluctuations in both temperature and humidity. Each piano is affected differently, but maintaining the proper level of humidity inside your piano will bring about the tuning stability that every musician wants in their instrument. 


Cory Cleaning Products

While our Signature piano care appointments always include a light cleaning, we are always ready to equip our musicians with extra products they can have on hand for light cleanings in-between their piano's service. Key cleaners, polishers, and cleaning cloths are some of the things that can be added to your toolbox. 



Piano Benches

Never underestimate the difference of having a comfortable place to sit while you are tinkling the ivories. If your piano bench has reached the end of its life, we are happy to help provide you with recommendations for a new one. National Bench Co is one supplier that provides unfinished, solid wood benches which you can then match to your piano's exact finish.