3 Requirements for all Projects

#3. Video Document Your Final Project

We will require video footage of your final project. But remember you are being judged on how far outside your comfort-zone you pushed yourself and how creatively you shared your musical art with others. So talk about these things in your video.
Completed projects will be collected every 12 weeks and scored against each other.

TIPS For VIDEO Documenting Your Project

  1. Before you begin explain to your audience (and the camera) why you choose to do a #MyPianoProject and what it has meant for you to go through this process.

  2. Talk about your struggles & victories, be honest. Your perseverance will be inspiring to the people in the room (and the judges:)

  3. Talk about your musical selection and what the music you selected means to you personally.

  4. Be sure to fully charge your cell-phone battery and consider use a tripod or dedicated camera person to record the event.

  5. Do a few tests to make sure your mic can pick up everything you are saying in the room/space you are in.

The rest is up to you. We look forward to seeing your completed project and hope you win the scholarship!